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Nyx - night, Greek goddess of the night


68cm(h) x 68cm(w) x 2.5cm(d)


Nyx is a large and striking piece formed of matte black and pearlescent white, with neon yellow, orange, pink, and violet. She is incredibly eyecatching and would make an incredible feature piece. 


Nyx has been given her name after the Greek goddess of the night. In Greek Mythology Nyx has two daughters; Aether (goddess of brightness) and Hemera (goddess of the day). There is a beautiful symbolism that out of darkness comes brightness and light and I think that is reflected perfectly in this piece. 

The contrast of the bright neons with the surrounding blackness is incredibly striking. And in fitting with the mythological story, the brightness can only be seen as bright when compared and contrasted with the deepest darkness. 

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