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Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my store!

I've always had a passion for art. In particular the use of colour and texture. 

It's taken a lot of years of trial and error to come up with a style and format that I truly love and am incredibly proud of. I'm so proud to be able to call myself an artist, and I'm so excited to present work that I absolutely adore. 

My work is incredibly unique in that each square is hand painted individually, then the squares are arranged and curated on canvas to create one larger picture. 

My paintings are all given feminine names as a lot of my process is inspired by the feminine. In our society women can either be deconstructed and over-analysed and every part of them judged, or they can equally be ignored, overlooked, and over-generalised. 

I took inspiration from this societal phenomenon and use it in that my paintings can be broken down into small pieces and carefully analysed and looked at in detail and each piece will be unique and intricate and interesting, or you can step back and look at the whole piece and see it as one larger picture. 

A large part of my creative process is choosing the names for each piece. Once I have painted and finished the curation of the painting, I will sit with it and try to understand what the piece is telling me. I will then research names from around the world that fit with the energy of the piece. 

I adore learning about the histories and stories behind the incredible names I choose from all corners of the globe. 

When you purchase a piece, you will be sent a handwritten card from myself detailing the meaning of the name and why it was chosen for that particular piece. 

If you're just passing by, then thank you! Please consider supporting me by following and engaging with my Instagram account @violetporterart

If you're here to support me financially and purchase a piece of art, then thank you so much! Your support means the world to me and please know you are absolutely supporting my dream. 

Whatever brought you here, I hope my art can speak to you in some way, and that you have a wonderful day. 

- Violet

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