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Aphrodite - sea-foam, risen from the foam


68cm(l) x 45.5cm(w) x 2.4cm(d) 


Aphrodite is an eye-catching, captivating piece in stunning metallic turqoise and blue, bright matte cerulean, lavender, and white and covered in hand placed gold leaf. The metallic turquoise is iridescent and has a slight colour shift in bright light. 


This piece is the queen of my collection and she is named for the majestic Roman goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite. The name not only speaks to her splendor and radiance, but also the sea-foam colours and glimmering reminiscence of the ever-moving ocean. She is bold, strong, and beautiful. She will make her presence known in any space and will hold her audience captivated with her detail and beauty. 

Photographs cannot do justice to the majesty and intricacy of Aphrodite.

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